PURE & NATURAL OIL: Considering basic needful are key to a healthy tomorrow, we only produce the highest quality natural and pure essential oils for your healthier lifestyle. Our pure lavender oil is exclusively natural with no added additives, extra fragrances, and zero synthetic compounds.

PLEASING FRAGRANCE: Our natural lavender oil has an incredibly soothing aroma that fills your environment with a lovely smell as it has no added fragrances. To provide therapeutic aromatic advantages, use it with an essential oil diffuser. It's a fantastic alternative to hazardous chemical air fresheners.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TRAITS: Lavender oil widely helps to maintain your skin healthy and nourished. You can directly apply this oil to the scalp.

WARNING INSTRUCTIONS: Only for external use! For topical use, we recommend patch testing our lavender fragrance oil. Apply it on the skin’s surface and leave it for long.  If a rash or redness develops, stop using the product. Dilute with a carrier oil if not used for aromatherapy. Keep this away from your eyes and consult a doctor before using it.

PACKAGING DETAILS: Heat, light, air, and moisture are all things that can shorten the life of your oil. Essential oils should be stored in glass bottles, as radiation can hasten the lifespan of the oil. With these considerations, our aromatic lavender oil is sold in bottles rather than sachets. As a result, the oil would last for a longer period.

SPICY ORGANIC Pure & Natural Lavender Essential Oil - Suitable for Topical Usage on Skin & Hair - Superlative Aromatic therapy with Mild, Pleasant Fragrance Suitable for Sleeping & Relaxation - Classic Ready-To-Use Oil

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