Organic Red Chilli Pepper

Organic Red Chilli Pepper History:

Red chili flakes, also known as crushed red pepper, are used in cooking to add a spicy heat to foods. They are made from chili peppers such as cayenne or a mixture of cayenne and other chilies, and are native to Mexico. It is thought that a village in north Macedonia originally began to dry red chilies and blended them to create the crushed red pepper flakes.

Chili peppers have played an important role in our diets for thousands of years. They are thought to be one of the first modern crops to be cultivated after the birth of farming. Because of their spicy bite similar to black peppercorns, Christopher Columbus and his crew referred to them as chili “peppers,” rather than simply chilies. It is important to note that black pepper and chili peppers belong to different plant families.

Organic Red Chilli Pepper Benefits:

The compound called, capsaicin, is responsible for the heat found in chilies and can vary per pepper. The precise heat level of the peppers is related to the chili variety itself and the environment it is grown in. Climate, soil composition, specific chemicals and fertilizers used, and water balance all play a role in heat balance.

Capsaicin is thought to have many health benefits. Current scientific literature is showing positive benefits relating to its effect on digestion and the metabolism. Chilies may reduce blood glucose in those with diabetes, help to boost the immune system, and help lower cholesterol.

Organic Red Chilli Pepper Uses:

Red chili flakes are made from chilies that are dried and ground just enough to keep seeds intact and pepper pieces. They are often used during cooking, but are great as an additional flavoring to a dish once cooked. Red chili flakes are a staple in pizza parlors to add a bit of spice to pizzas and can enhance the flavor and add heat to tomato sauces. They are almost exclusively used in savory meals ranging from meats and poultry, to fish, and even vegetables. The amount of heat provided by the flakes is determined by the volume of flakes used.

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