Organic Red Chilli Pepper Powder

Red Chilli Pepper History:

Red chili powder is used as a spice to bring heat to foods. Although chili peppers originated in Mexico, they were quickly spread across the world. Red chili powder is usually made from Cayenne peppers or a blend of Cayenne and other red chilies.

It is believed that chili peppers have been part of human diet for thousands of years, and believed to be one of the first crops cultivated. It was Christopher Columbus and his crew members that called these chilies “peppers” because they offered a spicy taste reminiscent to black pepper. However, black pepper belongs to an entirely different plant family.

Red Chilli Pepper Benefits:

Chili peppers are members of the nightshade family. The chemical that gives chili peppers their heat is called capsaicin, and the amount of capsaicin varies from pepper to pepper. Along with the differing variety of peppers, how the chilies are grown plays a role in the amount of heat. For example, those given an abundance of water tend to have a milder flavor while those starved for water tend to be much hotter.

It is said that red chilies provide an array of health benefits. Some research suggests that they can aid in stomach upset and possibly even soothe stomach ulcers. Red chili may enhance blood sugar control, boost the immune system, and improve cholesterol levels.

Red Chilli Pepper Uses:

Red chili powder is made by drying chilies and grinding them into a fine powder. This allows them to be blended more smoothly into entrees and sauces without adding texture. It can be used both during the cooking process and to finished dishes as a condiment. Red pepper powder pairs well with most meats, poultry, fish, and even vegetables. The heat level added to the meal depends on the amount of red pepper powder added. A little goes a long way.

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