Organic Mace Powder:

Mace, the lacy membrane covering the nutmeg seed, has its own distinctive flavor and aroma. It is spicy, but at the same time more delicate and subtler than nutmeg. The reddish orange mace, when dried, turns a deeper hue and the powder is easy to use, having a long shelf life. You must use it at the beginning of the cooking process so its essential oils get time to develop. Sweet, warm and woody, the flavor is reminiscent of pepper blended with cinnamon. It contains Vitamins A and C, iron and minerals.

How to use:

The powder is often blended into curry powder, garam masala and other mixed masalas. It can be added to rice dishes, mashed potatoes, pickles, cheese, soufflés, sauces and poultry. It adds its unique flavor to sweets like cakes and puddings and complements desserts made with chocolate.

Health benefits:

  • Antioxidant
  • Helps with digestive issues
  • Anti-inflammatory


Add a small quantity to rice, mashed potatoes, fish, poultry, soups and broths, fruit cake and cookies.

SPICY ORGANIC Mace Powder - 100% Pure USDA Certified Organic - Non-GMO, Gluten-Free - Contains Anti Inflammatory Properties.

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