Can Organic Clove Buds Reduce Toothache?

Can Organic Clove Buds Reduce Toothache?

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Organic clove benefits were known to the people in the ancient world and cloves were used for pain relief, more particularly toothache. Cloves are surprisingly fragrant and, if you chew or bite into a clove, you will get a pleasantly numbing sensation. It has a pungent, sharp taste and is, at the same time, sweet yet astringent. The spice also has numerous other health benefits.

Cloves contain an essential oil that is rich in a chemical called eugenol. This is very strong and acts as an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent. It works against various microbes and bacteria. Organic cloves are rich in manganese, Vitamins K and C, and many polyphenols and micro-nutrients.

What are Organic Clove Benefits for Teeth?

What are Organic Clove Benefits for Teeth?

Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, as also folklore, have long prized the use of organic cloves and clove essential oil for toothache and other oral problems. Organic cloves are used for:

    Tooth pain - The main organic clove benefit is that it is used for tooth pain and dental care. Whether you put a clove on the tooth that is aching and bite into it, leaving it there as long as you can, or apply clove essential oil (diluted with olive or coconut oil) to the area, you will feel immediate relief. Clove oil is as effective as benzocaine, a conventional analgesic.

    Teething pain in infants - When children have teething pain, clove essential oil can be heavily diluted with carrier oil and used to soothe the gums and erupting teeth.

    Antibacterial action - Among organic clove benefits are its antimicrobial action, so if you have minor infection, this may well be treated with cloves. Of course, this is only a palliative and you may need to go to the dentist if the problem persists long term.

    Oral problems - Essential clove oil is also effective for gum diseases like periodontists, gingivitis, and halitosis and useful in pain caused by cavities or other dental issues. Whether you have an impacted wisdom tooth that often acts up, or a cavity or any oral issue that is painful, you can use either the whole clove or the clove essential oil for pain relief

    If you cannot get hold of essential clove oil, but have whole cloves, you can boil 4-5 of these in a little water and use the water as a rinse or massage it into your gums.

    Organic Clove

    Other Clove Benefits:

    Organic clove benefits include using the spice for various other health problems such as:

      Boost immunity – organic cloves have an antioxidant effects when ingested and since this combat’s free radicals in the body, it is an immunity booster.

      Diabetes – cloves can help prevent sugar spikes in diabetics and improve insulin secretion.

      Anti-inflammatory – clove essential oil can be diluted and rubbed into inflamed joints for natural pain relief. When you add organic cloves to food, it fights the inflammation from within.

      Higher metabolic rate – since organic cloves boost the metabolic rate, they have the potential to help with weight loss.

      High blood pressure – the eugenol in clove oil helps decrease high blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

      Headache – use clove oil alone or diluted and rub into the areas where your head hurts.

      As you can see, organic clove benefits are immense, whether you use the cloves in your food, use the essential oil topically or even use organic clove powder in your spice mix.

      Organic Clove whole-

      Using Clove to get its Benefits:

      There are many ways to use organic cloves. This warm spice is used in Asian, European and Mexican cooking. The whole spice can be added to rice dishes and is in essential flavoring agent in pullaos and biryanis. It is also used in Mughlai foods for its aromatic flavor and heat. Chutneys and pickles also use cloves.

      Whole cloves are important components of blended masalas like garam masala and curry powder as well as many other ready-to-use mixed spices. You can also use clove powder and make your own spice mix as organic cloves go very well with pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and mace, all roasted and ground together.

      In western foods, it is used in fruit cakes, cookies, pies, soups, marinades and rubs. Warm and spicy dishes, sweet or savory, use cloves, often whole or powdered. Consider using them in a big ham and studding the ham with cloves that slowly release their flavor (or you can use organic clove powder as rub on your meats).

      You can use organic cloves in teas and infusions, in mead, in hot toddy, in mulled cider and chocolate drinks.

      Clove oil can also be used in aromatherapy and in scented candles. However, it is best to err on the side of caution and not use too much often whole cloves or clove oil or powder particularly for oral care as it can damage the nerves in the mouth, if used too often. You can also be allergic to cloves, and it can cause low blood pressure or low blood sugar, precisely because it has many active and useful compounds.

      Organic clove offers many benefits when used in different ways for many health issues, including toothache.

      Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article should not be considered as a substitute for a physician's advice. Please consult with your health care professional before buying this product.

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