Natural Himalayan Pink Salt-

Himalayan Pink Salt History

Himalayan pink salt is found naturally in the Himalayan mountains. It is thought to have formed over 250 million years ago. Ancient sea beds lay within these mountains, and at one time, were covered in lava. This was thought to form a barrier that helped keep pollutants from the salt.

Himalayan pink salt is considered a rock salt. The pink coloring is due to mineral infiltration. There are varying amounts of minerals in the salt ranging from zinc, calcium, iron, to magnesium, and chromium. Although it is rumored to be healthier than table salt because of its mineral content, there is no scientific proof at this time. Many assume that its sodium content is lower than table salt, and this is not the case. It does offer a slightly different flavor that table salt that some perceive to be “saltier” in nature, enabling the use of less at one time.

Himalayan Pink Salt Uses:

Today, it is used as a food additive in place of table salt, but for many years was used as a food preservative by the Himalayan natives. They would use it to preserve meat and fish most commonly. It was held in high esteem as Himalayan people carried the salt out of the mines along mountainsides to bring to market for trading. The salt was highly valued, making the Himalayan pink salt trade very successful.

Being a rock salt, Himalayan pink salt has more versatile purposes. Many enjoy its decorative qualities. It is used to make salt lamps and often lines the walls of spas. Slabs of the Himalayan pink salt are used as serving dishes or baking stones in which food can be prepared on the salt itself and small amounts of the salt flavor are transferred to the food.

Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits:

Because of the higher mineral content than traditional table salt, many consider Himalayan pink salt a gourmet cooking salt. By adding a pink hue and usually coarse or texture, the salt not only brings out the natural flavors in food, it also adds visual and sensory interest.

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