Natural Himalayan Pink Salt:

The use of Himalayan pink salt crystals has become increasingly popular thanks to the often bad reputation of normal white or table salt. Let’s not forget that increasing usage of white salt may be a factor in high blood pressure and many other related health problems. Alternative salts like Himalayan pink salt crystals that are natural and unprocessed and also contain many other nutrients and minerals that give it the characteristic pink color are healthier to use.

How to use:

Himalayan pink salt crystals can be added to any food that you would use normal white salt in. The crystals dissolve in liquid and add salinity and taste to the foods. You can sprinkle it on top of foods to add seasoning and taste and also reap the health benefits of this salt. You can use the salt in breads, cakes and cookies.

Health benefits:

  • Reduces insomnia and helps improve sleep quality
  • Is detoxifying
  • Helps with respiratory problems


Add to probiotic foods like curd and buttermilk, use in pickles, chutney, idli and dosa batters for a unique taste.

SPICY ORGANIC Natural Himalayan Pink Salt - Non-GMO, Gluten-Free - Comes in a Resealable Pack - Rich in 80 Minerals and Elements.

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