Organic Onion Powder-

Onion History:

Research is conflicting on the actual origin of onions. Some believe that onions are native to Central Asia, while others believe they’re native to Iran. Regardless, onions have become a staple in foods across the world over. It is even thought that onions played an important role in the prehistoric diet, and were possibly one of the earliest crops to be cultivated prior to farming.

Cultures around the world placed high value on the onion. The Egyptians believed the onion symbolized eternity and buried their pharaohs with onions in their tombs. Onions are mentioned in the Bible by Israelites remembering the bounty of food including onions they once enjoyed. The Greeks and Romans celebrated the onion for its medicinal purposes. Onions were used throughout Europe both in cooking as well as for healing properties. They were used to ward off evil spirits during the time of the plague. Native Americans used onions both in foods and for creating dyes and toys.

Onion Uses:

For centuries, onions have played an important role in medicine. Onions were used as an antiseptic and applied to wounds. It was thought that they could prevent insomnia, improve vision, heal toothaches, and give strength. People believed that onions were good for the heart and prevented digestive upset. Modern research has shown that onions are a rich source of antioxidants including flavonol such as anthocyanins and quercetin. These antioxidants are thought to have anti-cancer, and antibiotic properties. They may help prevent blood clots and even improve asthma.

Onions are a versatile and affordable addition to many dishes, and they’re delicious when fried in a pan with eggs for breakfast or added to your favorite soup recipe. They can help lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease, boost the immune system, fight cancer, clear congestion, and fight respiratory infections.

Add onions to your favorite foods or just enjoy them raw for a healthy snack. They're a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, they're delicious!

It’s no secret that onions are packed with healthy benefits and are a versatile ingredient that can make any meal delicious!

Onion Benefits:

Onions are a potent vegetable, and aside from health benefits, offer great flavor in cooking. Onions pair well with many foods and are almost always used in savory dishes. Described as having a sharp flavor, some are more mild in their "bite" while others can be a bit spicy or sweet. Onions famously bring on tears while being cut. For this reason, many choose to add onions to their foods by way of dried seasonings. Onion powder is dried onion ground into a fine powder. This allows for it to be added to meals smoothly while avoiding excess texture. They can be added to virtually any savory dish ranging from meats, poultry, fish to beans, lentils, and vegetables.

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