Organic Garlic Granules-

Garlic History:

Garlic, also known as allium sativum, is thought to be native to middle Asia. It is usually planted in the fall and harvested in the spring. It is a bulbous plant that grows underground. Garlic has a strong, almost spicy taste that adds a pungent flavor to dishes.

Because of its pungency, it was widely sought after for medicinal purposes. Garlic had been used for thousands of years and found in writings from ancient Egyptians and Persians to Israelis and Indians. The Chinese used it to treat the common cold and cough, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, weakness, and to increase the appetite, and depression. Other cultures used it to treat snakebites, reduce fever, as an antibiotic, and a digestive aid.

Garlic Granules Uses:

Although these treatment methods have not been scientifically proven, current science on the topic is quite encouraging. It appears that garlic may be crucial in fighting chronic disease. From blood pressure and cholesterol reduction to cancer prevention, research shows that garlic has a positive effect on overall health. It may aid in blood glucose control and help protect liver function. It also seems to have antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties.

Garlic Granules Benefits:

Aside from its numerous health benefits, garlic is an important component in various cuisines and is used throughout the world. Garlic granules are simply garlic that has been dehydrated and chopped into very small pieces allowing for some texture when added to meals. Used mostly in savory dishes, granules are often chosen when additional texture from the granules is appreciated. Garlic granules are most commonly added during the cooking process, rather than after. Garlic granules add great flavor to meats, poultry, fish, legumes, most vegetables, soups, and stews.