Organic Garlic

Garlic History:

It is not fully agreed where garlic, also known as allium sativum, originated but thought to be from middle Asia. It is a bulbous plant that grows well in mild climates. Dating back thousands of years, garlic writings were found in texts from many ancient cultures including Egyptians, Israelis, Persians, and Indians. With a strong, pungent flavor and a spicy bite, garlic adds a distinctive flavor to any meal.

Garlic Uses:

Garlic was a highly popular remedy used in Chinese medicine. It was thought to aid in many maladies from cough and cold, too rheumatoid arthritis and hemorrhoids. It was used as an appetite stimulant and to aid in general weakness. Each culture had their specific uses for garlic. The Chinese used it to treat depression, Greeks used it to aid in snakebites, Romans used it to improve digestion, Babylonians used it for fever reduction, the Slavic used it to treat lice, and Russians used it as an antibiotic.

Garlic Health Benefits:

Modern research has shown that garlic is a powerful weapon against many chronic diseases. Studies have demonstrated the blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering effect of garlic. Literature also suggests that garlic is beneficial in preventing cancer, as well protecting the liver. It may improve blood sugar levels and appears to have an antimicrobial and anti fungal effect.

Garlic is very versatile and used in cuisines across the globe. Because of its strong, pungent flavor, it is almost always used in savory dishes. Garlic powder is simply garlic that has been dehydrated and then ground into a fine powder. This allows for it to be added to meals seamlessly while avoiding excess texture. Stir into warming oil to infuse the garlic flavor before adding other ingredients, or simply add into a pot while cooking. A small amount goes a long way, adding lots of flavor in each teaspoon. Enjoy garlic powder in most meals as it pairs well with meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, and legumes.

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