Organic Onion

Organic Onion History:

Although the exact origin of onions is not known, they are thought to have originated in Central Asia or Iran. Despite being native to Asia and the Middle East, onions are widely used all over the world. Onions were likely grown and used even before modern farming was invented, and was possibly on of the oldest crops to be cultivated due to their long shelf life.

Across the world over, people greatly valued onions. They were found in ancient Egyptian tombs, as they were considered a symbol of eternal life. In other cultures, they were used to keep evil spirits at bay and ward off the plague. Native Americans used onions to make dyes and toys for the children. Mentions of onions are found in ancient texts across the globe, including the bible.

Organic Onion Benefits:

As for their medicinal properties, ancient cultures utilized them for their healing qualities. They were used to aid in sleep disorders, vision loss, tooth pain, and as an antiseptic to cleanse wounds. Onions were thought to improve cardiovascular and digestive health. These various benefits have yet to be scientifically proven. However, current research does support their powerful antioxidant makeup. Being a rich source of antioxidants provides disease-fighting power, and may help prevent cancer. Current scientific literature relating to onions’ benefits in reducing blood clots and aid in asthma is promising. Of course, more research is needed to further prove these theories.

Organic Onion Uses:

Aside from onions’ various health benefits, they offer significant flavor to most dishes. Their pungent flavor lends itself to savory meals predominantly. When raw, they tend to be sharp and even a bit spicy. However, once cooked, their flavor becomes more mild and even sweet. Onion granules offer a mixture of the two, being a bit sharp and sweet. Choosing dried onion granules also allows you to avoid those onion tears during cutting. Onion granules are dried pieces of onions that are chopped just enough to still maintain some texture. Onions are a staple in vegetable combinations and pair well with meats, poultry, fish, legumes and other vegetables.