Premium Organic Spices and Herbs

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Sunil Kumar

Our story is a journey of passion and discovery. It all started over 40 years ago from very humble beginnings - by opening a single store in India. My family had a small farm on which we grew high quality spices and, gradually, our dedication to high standards, reliability and providing only the best of the best to our customers grew into a sustainable retail business. We built significant knowledge and understanding about organic farming, as well as selecting, growing, harvesting and processing premium organic spices and herbs. 

Our belief is that only the best and highest quality produce - in terms of aroma, taste, flavor, texture and color - should be sold and enjoyed by the public. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us as well as making sure that our growers and suppliers are treated fairly and we practice sustainability in all aspects of our business.

As we gained experience, confidence and popularity, the Spicy Organic  brand expanded and about 20 years ago my family moved, together with our spice business, to Texas USA. It was a bold step but we are happy that it brought us forward in our journey as a business and we were able to provide our premium quality organic spices, herbs, teas and essential oils sourced from all over the world to a much wider audience. We are so proud that we have become one of the most sustainable operations, providing only the freshest, carefully sourced and meticulously processed and packaged organic products straight from suppliers we know and trust. All of them also share equally, with the same ardor and dedication, in our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Finding the right growers and farmers has always been a challenge but we believed in our products, we believed in our mission to provide only the best of the best to our customers so they can enjoy the explosion of aromas, colors and flavors that clean organic spices can bring to the nose, eye and palate. And of course, our dedication to quality means that we are continuously improving our processing, testing our sources and making sure that every packet and jar that leaves our facilities and reaches our customers is in the best possible condition ready for consumption.

The world is now recognizing more and more the need to provide clean, organically grown food to people everywhere, not only to ensure supreme taste, but also due to the fact that fresh biologically grown produce has undoubted health benefits. Added to that is the need to offer opportunities for farmers and growers in developing countries and rural communities in many geographical areas around the world.

Spicy Organic is a clear example of how a local family business which started in India over four decades ago, can become a reliable and trustworthy international player providing livelihoods and opportunities for many local farmers around the globe. We are strong believers in the right of every human to have access to good, healthy organic food which in its turn contributes to growing and sustaining communities and caring after our environment.

Spices for us are not just an afterthought when preparing a meal.  They can very often be the main character in a dish. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing only the very best for your table so you can enjoy your meal with family, friends and loved ones and delight not only your senses but also have the clear conscience that you are spicing up your life in a viable, environmentally friendly way.