Spicy Organic LLC Spotlight- Organic Red Chili Peppers Flakes!

Spicy Organic LLC Spotlight- Organic Red Chili Peppers Flakes!

Sunil Kumar

Organic red chili pepper flakes are very different from the red chili powder that you may be ordinarily using. Just like black pepper is best when cracked or coarsely ground via a pepper mill, red chili flakes also release more taste and flavor than finely ground red chili powder.

Which Red Chilies are used to make Red Chili Pepper Flakes?

Which Red Chilies are used to make Red Chilli Pepper Flakes?

Usually, a jar of this condiment will contain flakes from a number of different chilies. These may be a varied combination of chilies like ancho, cayenne, bell pepper, paprika, pimento, Fresno, Anaheim and others. These are all dried and crushed to make the pepper flakes. They also contain many of the seeds.

To some extent, the mixture of peppers will depend on the country of origin. Italy, Spain, Mexico, Hungary are only some of the countries that use a great deal of red chili flakes as, of course, is the U.S. where you will find the spice widely sold and used.

Red pepper flakes have more heat and pungency in them as the included seeds are also very spicy. When you use fresh chilies of any kind in a recipe, you usually remove the seeds. In this case, seeds are an integral part of the spice.

What are Organic Red Chili Pepper Flakes used in?

What are Organic Red Chilli Pepper Flakes used in?

At pizza places and Italian cafes and restaurants, you will always find a bottle of red chili flakes. They add spice and heat to the pizza – if you want or need it. Italian dishes like pastas, too, often do with a sprinkling of these on top. Most flakes come with medium heat, unless you get specifically very hot ones. The peppers used come in different heat scales and the mild and strong ones may be blended together.

You can also use them in burritos, tacos, chowders, sauces, marinades, gumbos and soups. Add a sprinkle to an omelet and see how the taste and flavor pops. These flakes can be used in rice dishes, in salad dressings, even in savory pies or pie crusts. Use a bit in your bread dough when you are next making bread and relish the taste.

Other uses:

  • Sprinkle on fries or wedges
  • Use on baked potatoes
  • Add to sausages
  • Add to pizza and pasta sauces
  • Use on casseroles
  • Making an au gratin topping for baking? Add some chili flakes for color, taste and flavor
  • Spice your steamed, boiled or buttered vegetables with this condiment
  • Add to any bland food for taste

While cracked black pepper is more commonly used in many of these dishes, using red chili pepper instead will provide a welcome change.

Does this Spice have any Health Benefits?

Does this Spice have any Health Benefits?

Did you know that even dried chili flakes have many health benefits? In fact, when spices are dried, many of their properties get enhanced. And since you use a small quantity of these, you will still get a lot of health advantages.

Heart health

The spice factor in this spice helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. High cholesterol levels are linked to greater risk of heart disease and stroke. You can reduce the risk if you add red chili to your diet.


Antioxidants in this condiment, as also the capsaicin in them, improve insulin resistance and result in better sugar control. In fact, research shows that when you require insulin, and you consume red chili peppers, your requirement may well reduce.

Reduces stomach ulcers

If you suffer from acidity thanks to stomach ulcers, keep in mind that capsaicin decreases acid secretion, so actually reduces acidity. It also protects improves digestion. So don’t omit this valuable spice from your diet if you suffer from acidity.

Weight loss

Because this spice has a heating effect on the body, it promotes thermogenesis. This helps burn fat and enables you to lose weight slightly faster. It also reduces appetite, so you don’t feel hungry and eat less, another way to promote weight loss.

Blood pressure

Capsaicin in the peppers improves blood flow and relaxes blood vessels. This helps normalize blood pressure.

Pain relief

Capsaicin from peppers is a valuable ingredient in pain relief gels, creams and lotions that are topically used. It increases blood flow to the parts where it is applied, acting as a counter-irritant (along with other substances used in the medicines) and reducing pain.

Chili peppers are rich in Vitamins A, C, and B vitamins. They also have magnesium, potassium and iron. Their red color shows that they have beta carotene and they are also a source of many antioxidants. All these and other micronutrients in peppers give you the many health benefits.

Besides, organic red chili pepper flakes are easy to use. You can sprinkle them directly on the foods without any trouble. You can keep a dispenser on your table and a jar in your kitchen for quick usage in your favorite foods and reap the taste, flavor and health benefits of this incredible spice.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article should not be considered as a substitute for a physician's advice. Please consult with your health care professional before buying this product.

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