Organic Bay Leaves

Botanical Name: Laurus Nobilis

Looking for a way to spruce up your cooking? Dried bay leaves are packed with a lovely, rich flavor that adds much-needed complexity to a variety of savory dishes. Cultivated from the bay trees of the Mediterranean, this herb has a strong, bitter taste that tends to stand out among other spices. Simply add a few bay leaves along with your other herbs and allow it to simmer for an earthy, floral note. These organic bay leaves were specially cultivated without any synthetic fertilizers, so you can be sure your meals are free of unwanted substances.

Try incorporating bay leaves into your marinades, sauces, and stews; this fragrant herb beautifully complements the flavor profile of poultry like chicken, turkey, and duck but makes an excellent gravy for most other cuts of meat as well. Working with a pressure cooker? Add a leaf or two to your favorite rice pilaf for a potent flavor elevation.

These fresh bay leaves are an essential ingredient in a variety of recipes and dishes. Use them to add a little spice to a basic bread recipe or prepare an authentic Spanish paella without having to travel to Spain. These authentic bay leaves will liven up your recipe and make your food taste great.

Key Features:

  • Easy to add into most dishes; simply use with other herbs and remove the whole leaf before serving.
  • Organically grown without any synthetic fertilizers.
  • Convenient packaging for storage and handling.
  • Great with poultry, fish, and beef.
  • Add to broth, stock, soups, gravies, and sauces.
  • Use with rice, potatoes, and other grains for a delightfully earthy flavor.

    **SPICY ORGANIC is certified to the USDA Organic Regulations 7 CFR Part 205 and the Provisions of Chapter 18 of the Texas Agriculture Code. Certificate Number: 0847519.

    SPICY ORGANIC Bay Leaf - 100% Pure USDA Organic - Non-GMO, Gluten-Free - Best Use For Rice & Curries

    Customer Reviews

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    Irene Roberts
    Aroma & freshness are amazing

    Thanks for you fast shipping, great product, and excellent customer service! I will be back. Superb merchant!!

    Carolin Poni
    They are huge

    I bought the organic bay leaves from this seller and I am very happy with them. I use them primarily for cooking dinner and they are just what I wanted. They are fresh, aromatic and look great. The shipping was fast and the price was right.

    Annie Go
    Very fragrant

    these organic bay leaves are just as described by the seller. I was so happy with my purchase, they are huge and fragrant, fresh and aromatic, my husband and I are very pleased. I have tried the fresh bay leaves in the store, but they were not as fresh as these ones.

    Hilda Vicente
    Best quality and value

    Nice size for making soups...

    Toby Shorin
    Love it!

    Very prompt shipping. Product arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. The product itself looks very fresh and the aroma of the bay leaves is sublime. I'm very happy with my purchase and will order again.

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